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3 Ways Digital HR Can Improve People Processes

Making your HR efforts digital can not only make processes streamlined and attract the most qualified candidates, but it can also alleviate the huge amount of work human resource managers have to complete each day.

Digitalization is directly connected to enhanced customer experience and with omnichannel transactions widely used by many companies, customers today expect to have immediate access to products and services. Not only do customers expect to have immediate access to what companies have to offer but they expect to have a smooth experience throughout the entire customer journey. It may be obvious for companies to understand how digital transformation affects customer retention and satisfaction but how exactly does it affect HR and how are the two linked?

Well, one way in which customer experience and HR are connected is that, according to an employee engagement benchmark survey, companies that lead in customer experience, CX, have 60% more engaged employees. This is because engagement is directly connected to the overall experience that shapes attitudes and behaviors of employees.

Further, the more motivated and dedicated employees are, the more likely they are to invest their time and energy to offer a seamless, flawless service to customers. Just think about it. The happier, more satisfied, and engaged employees are, the more they’re likely to pass that attitude on in their work and to their customers.

Another way digital HR efforts can improve both CX and employee engagement is by the constant introduction of new technology aimed at creating a working environment that focuses on personalization, motivation, recognition, and even an overall excellent experience. As the era of digital transformation continues to progress, employee experiences delivered through HR processes will become more human-centered and individualized for each employee.

As the digital transformation continues to be implemented into HR efforts across all sectors, many human resources professionals are beginning to realize the challenges that are often difficult to address due to the amount of change and the rapidly occurring updates in digital transformation practices. HR professionals can easily adjust to the speed at which new frameworks and expectations are introduced by utilizing agile infrastructure and proper technology that will move away from process-centric approaches and embrace outcome-based attitudes.

Digital transformation requires digital competence, readiness, and organizational excellence. To gain this competence, readiness, and organizational excellence in your business, it is essential to acquire and retain multi-talented employees. It can be difficult, though, to attract and manage these types of employees and is another challenge for HR professionals to overcome.

To overcome this challenge, HR professionals need to adopt the latest trends like mobile technology, to address potential employees who are already part of the digital revolution. By connecting and engaging with employees who are already part of the digital transformation, HR professionals will be able to find, recruit, and retain employees who can easily and more effectively adjust to the many changes associated with this transformation.

When HR professionals personalize the employee experience, they not only increase the rate at which they attract and retain multi-talented employees, but they also improve the experiences they offer their customers, improving their company brand and customer loyalty.