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Data Management
Data Management
Coface Business Insights Use Case Compendium
Professional relationships are at the core of every strong organization. Choosing the...

The Data-Informed Institution
In today's digital era, data lies at the heart of every successful...

5 Ways NetBackup Helps You Defend Against Ransomware
Ransomware continues to make headlines, and for good reason. Businesses will fall...

Understanding and Delivering the Business Case for Data Literacy Skills
Digital transformations are automating more and more tasks and causing another shift...

Harness Data to Reinvent Your Organization
This is a generation of reinvention due to the introduction of the...

Does “Garbage In” Lead to “Garbage Out” with Modern Data Management
Modern enterprises are expanding their analytics programs to improve their ability to...

6 Critical Capabilities of a Logical Data Fabric
One of the challenges of leveraging the cloud to your advantage has...

Trends in Establishing a Data-Driven Enterprise
Contained inside the invaluable data that your business is creating is a...

How to Leverage a Scalable Database Management System
With an accelerated pace of digital transformation, data and analytics will pave...

When Happens When Data Does and Doesn’t Create a Competitive Advantage
Many executives and investors assume that it is possible to use customer...

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