Marketing is likely one of the most important activities you will do in your business. It impacts both sales and company profits. Bad marketing could spell doom for your organization while good marketing could work wonders in terms of brand recognition, improvements to data, and customer engagement. Marketing departments often tend to work in isolation. In reality, however, in order for marketing to be effective, it must work closely with research teams and development teams, as well as finance, operations, and human resource departments to ensure the right message is getting out to the right people at the right time. Without a marketing strategy that actually works, many companies are forced to close prematurely due to tanking sales and unhappy customers or no customers at all. Since much of the success of your company revolves around marketing, it is imperative that you gain insights into the latest trends. The B2B whitepaper downloads and videos here will reveal trends that drive customer experience, the importance of data, creating effective email marketing campaigns, and achieving your marketing goals through video.