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Marketing Operations Processes

Bringing Order to Marketing Operations Processes

What happens when you think strategically about the way you work

You know that when everything is a priority, nothing gets prioritized—this leads to scattershot, inefficient processes that do little more than keep your head above water.

As marketing operations continue to grow, better project workflows are a vital way to add value. To help, here are six ways your team can improve work management processes to increase effectiveness throughout the entire lifecycle of marketing work.

  1. Juggling ad hoc requests


Standardize the intake process. Ad hoc requests may never go away, but standardizing the entire intake process will streamline your entire workflow.

Here are four steps you need to implement to track and assign all requests:

  • Centralize all requests
  • Require a comprehensive marketing brief
  • Automate the assignment of work
  • Track your progress
  1. No set way to prioritize work


Make data-driven resourcing decisions.

Here’s how to make it happen:

  • Set your goals and priorities
  • Prioritize work assignments against those goals
  • Be strategic with your resources
  • Designate a traffic manager
  • Consider Agile
  1. Overcoming communication and collaboration barriers


Collaborate in context.

To break down communication silos, increase collaboration across departments, and keep the feedback loop flowing, marketing operations teams need to implement processes that allow for better collaboration and communication within the context of the work being done.

  1. Starting over with each new project


Develop repeatable processes.

The key to saving time and increasing efficiency is standardizing the process for the types of work that marketing operations teams do over and over again.

  1. Necessary but time-consuming processes bog down projects


Automate common processes to keep work moving.

Through powerful automation, marketing teams can free themselves from manual processes across disconnected tools—so they can spend more of their day on high-value creative and strategic work.

  1. Measuring and optimizing your work


Measure performance externally and internally.

With proof that your marketing operations are aligned with your company’s strategic goals and are achieving those goals with speed and efficiency, you can easily illustrate your value to the organization.


The right tools can help you increase your marketing operations team’s value in measurable ways. Embracing a more holistic approach to managing your team’s work with a marketing work management solution like Adobe Workfront will help you achieve this.