Information Technology

The way companies conduct business is continuously changing. Individual departments within both large and small companies must keep pace with the rapid pace of evolving technology. As businesses seek to become more agile, IT departments are faced with the massive task of expanding their role to include sales and marketing, business operations, and customer service. While IT is typically confined to a single department within the company, it is no longer actually the work of one department. As IT infrastructure changes, both the IT employee and CIO as well as employees in other industries must keep up with such changes and be able to adapt within short order. If there were a formula for business success, it would most likely be to use information technology to drive better products and services and engage more customers. Since IT is the backbone upon which modern businesses lie, you will find B2B whitepaper downloads and videos on everything including the cloud framework, cybersecurity, data protection laws, DNS, DDoS attacks, app managements, and mobile workspaces in this section.

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