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Information Technology
Information Technology
Ransomware Attacks Are Getting More Sophisticated 
Can your organization confidently meet the threat? Ransomware perpetrators are getting more...

5 Ways NetBackup Helps You Defend Against Ransomware
Ransomware continues to make headlines, and for good reason. Businesses will fall...

Ransomware: The Path Ahead
The potential impact of ransomware attacks is very real and financially paralyzing....

Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Incentives Automation (IA)
AI is often represented by various related terms: machine learning, deep learning,...

5 Key Cyber-Threat Trends to Know
Five Key Trends: From Ransomware to Slow and Stealthy APTs The cyber-threat...

How to Adopt Flawless Frontline Task Management and In-Store Execution
Corporate communication and task management are always difficult at the frontline level....

Quick Wins for the Quick Serve Sector
The holiday season is a mixed bag for the quick-serve sector. On...

Self-Learning Email Security
In this era of sophisticated threats, organizations must embrace new technologies which...

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