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3 Barriers to Improve and Deliver on the Convenience Promise
This whitepaper reveals how payment platforms can assist in driving innovation and...

Leveraging Digital Purchasing Channels to Boost Conversions
This Omnichannel Grocery report explains how the more significant shift toward digital...

The Ultimate Guide to Being a B2B Tech Marketer in 2021
B2B tech marketers face multiple challenges in 2021 and beyond. This exhaustive...

Time Series Analysis for B2B Trend Mining
Seasonality has a huge impact on sales and revenues for B2B ecosystems....

One Year Later: The State of B2B Demand Generation Report
Bython’s research is highlighted in this second report and is based on...

9 Ways B2B Marketers and Salespeople Use AI to Generate, Qualify, and Convert Leads
AI excels at extracting insights about your target audience from data provided...

Executive Predictions for 2021
"How can I embrace the impossible future?" This question is one almost...

Delivering a High Win-Rate through Interactive Content: Basware
Basware was at a crossroads trying to reach finance leaders within companies...

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