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Agencies Challenges

David is like you. He works at a busy agency, managing projects and coordinating creative, account, and executive team members. He craves order and efficiency but can never quite get everything under control.

He struggles continually with planning and tracking multiple projects, allocating resources, delivering excellent work, and getting the visibility he needs to optimize his team’s billable hours and meet executive and client expectations.

Sound familiar?

The problems David faces are the same problems most agency project managers face—your work is complex, you have multiple teams and multiple projects to manage, and your profit margins are tight. And in an increasingly competitive environment, operational efficiency is critical to success.

Add to this, the effects of a global pandemic increasing remote working and the need to produce work even faster, has only made these industry challenges that much more difficult to get right.

To help you, this eBook details six challenges agencies face when managing projects and provides useful solutions you can put into practice today. Keep reading to learn how to tackle:

  1. Disorganized work requests
    Solution: Automate and structure the process. Stop holding excessive meetings or pinging them on messaging apps to gather updates.
  1. Resource optimization chaos
    Solution: Structure your resource management processes. You must have historical data to make accurate time estimates, and this includes billable and non-billable hours.
  1. Communication breakdowns
    Solution: Centralize communications. Open, accessible communication and collaboration among team members, managers, and clients is critical for agency success and innovation.
  1. Inconsistent work methodologies
    Solution: Find a peaceful co-existence. Ultimately, traditional and Agile project management have similar goals—to provide the best possible product for the client, effectively lead the team, and deliver measurable business results.
  1. Unhappy clients
    Solution: Professional campaign and expectation management. Poorly managed workflow processes quickly result in project delays and blown budgets.
  1. Piles of disconnected tools
    Solution: Consolidate tools and maximize their usage. Using one tool to do five tasks is always going to be better than using five tools to do one task.


Get in touch with Adobe Workfront today and let us help you overcome the industry challenges and make your agency thrive.