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It’s commonly accepted that creatives hate “process”— that great idea can’t conform to rigid timelines, workflows, or structures. But, like most conventional wisdom, once you dig deeper you find that process is a common scapegoat for several inefficient, time-consuming distractions.

Managing Digital Work Processes for more Creativity and Speed

For a creative, a blank page—or blank artboard—is equal parts exciting and intimidating. On one hand, the possibilities are endless, on the other, the possibilities are endless.

By providing the right structure to allow your creative team to more efficiently and strategically focus their creative energy, you can maximize their value to your organization while freeing up more of their time to create great work.

Here are five principles to build that structure:

  1. Capture and prioritize creative requests.
  2. Standardize workflows
  3. Manage the demand of your creative team.
  4. Integrate into your existing tools.
  5. Digitize review and approval.

Prioritize Creativity Without Compromising Speed with Adobe Workfront

The best creative work is done when creatives can focus their attention on high-value work. And the best way to give creatives the time and space to do this is with a work management application like Adobe Workfront that lets your creative team:

  • Work the way they want to work in the tools they want to use through seamless integration between Adobe Workfront and other Adobe applications
  • Anticipate, prioritize, and assign work that meets your organization’s goals
  • Eliminate routine and repetitive project management tasks like facilitating review and approval workflows through automation


With these processes in place, creatives have the time to do what they do best—create. Learn more about how Adobe Workfront can help your teams create and deliver great work at speed and scale with the Complete Guide to Work Management for Marketers.