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Work Management for Marketers
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If you’d like to learn more about the other stages of the marketing work lifecycle or the benefits of managing work as a tier-one asset, you can read our full guide, The Complete Guide to Work Management for Marketers.

With so many requests coming in from so many different directions, it’s hard for marketers to constantly keep all their teams’ efforts in line with strategic goals. Often, the squeaky wheels win out, while more important work gets delayed.

To make smart and accurate decisions from the very beginning of your marketing workflow, you need a work management application that can:

  • Give you visibility into all work by streamlining and standardizing the intake process
  • Show you exactly how all work is laddering into a goal to ensure all work is the right work
  • Facilitate the strategic planning process by using data to make critical decisions quickly so you can prioritize and plan

Gain control over the intake process, prioritize work against goals, and better plan work by comparing different scenarios based on budget, timeline, and resources.

Always get the right work done

When work requests come to your department, you need to be able to quickly assess whether it’s the right work, how urgent it is, and whether you have the resources and budget to get the work done when it needs to be done.

Workfront makes this easy to do by allowing you to:

  • Standardize the intake process so you have complete visibility into all work requests
  • Prioritize that work against strategic goals
  • Use scenario planning to determine how to best proceed when trying to balance the budget, resources, and timelines

Having these capabilities empowers your teams to say no to the work they shouldn’t be doing and yes to the work that matters most. This not only allows your teams to do work of value but also to prove their value to the organization.


In this guide, we explore the first two stages of work: Strategy and Intake, then Budget and Plan. We provide you with insights into how to better manage the work in these stages to ensure you’re prioritizing the work that matters most.