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In today’s world, high-performing teams need to stay connected and collaborate effectively, regardless of their location. Microsoft Teams offers Teams Rooms and Teams Phone to simplify management for IT and help organizations stay connected. This eBook, “Getting The Most from Microsoft Teams,” explains how these capabilities can help organizations in several ways.

1. Improve equity and inclusion Microsoft Teams offers several tools that encourage contributions from everywhere, making it easier for remote or on-site workers to collaborate and feel included. These tools help improve equity and inclusion, and Teams Rooms and Teams Phone make it easier to use them effectively.
2. Increase collaboration and productivity Microsoft Teams consolidates digital tools into a single platform, making it easier for teams to collaborate and be productive. With Teams Rooms and Teams Phone, organizations can enhance collaboration even further, whether workers are remote or on-site.
3. Enhance data security and compliance Data security and compliance are critical for organizations, and Microsoft Teams offers several features to ensure that data is secure and compliant. Teams Rooms and Teams Phone also help enhance data security and compliance, making it easier for IT to manage these aspects of the organization.
4. Reduce or eliminate costs associated with communications equipment Microsoft Teams eliminates the need for separate communications equipment, reducing costs for organizations. Teams Rooms and Teams Phone further reduce costs by simplifying management for IT and providing a single platform for all communication needs.

With the rise of hybrid work, Microsoft Teams is an essential tool for organizations that want to stay connected and collaborate effectively. Teams Rooms and Teams Phone enhance the capabilities of Microsoft Teams, making it easier for organizations to achieve their goals.