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Critical Cognizance to Mobile-First Application Best Practices
In 2021, consumers are expected to demand personalized digital products and services...

2021 Mobile Device Coverage Report
Technologies are updating at an unprecedented rate today. With innovations such as...

Device and OS Fragmentation: The Biggest Mobile Testing Challenge
When it comes to testing an application on devices, one can never...

How to Build an Inhouse Mobile Device Lab
A software company in today’s world has a lot to consider when...

How to Get Started with Mobile App Testing
Mobile phones have come a long way since 1973 when the first...

Dynamic Web and Mobile Application Development Volume 5
Demand for web application development continues to grow, without any foreseeable limit....

Is Mobile the Weakness of Digital Transformation?
Hi! My name is Brett. As an IT professional, I’ve been a part of...

Best Practices for Embracing Mobile Support
Customer experience is the crux of the success of a business. A...

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