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Device and OS Fragmentation The Biggest Mobile Testing Challenge

When it comes to testing an application on devices, one can never be spread enough. There is a multitude of scenarios, situations, devices, and networks that can alter things. Today’s software and applications need to be available in all situations and devices. There are many software applications that can test your project on a wide range of software and hardware configurations.

The advantage of having such a wide range of availability to test ensures that your project will be mostly free of bugs and issues. Using the Cloud can also help your aims in device testing by taking most of the load and emphasis off of your test computer. With the carriers and the individual networks (CDMA & GSM) that are being used, the need for adaptability with your software is paramount.

The need for OS Fragmentation should be instituted within every facet of your testing process. iOS and Windows compatibility will enhance your software’s value and raise your stock with your customers. Using the Cloud, multiple OS Fragmentation, and compatibility with a wide range of devices and OS capabilities are all part of the process. Mobile application testing is a framework which encapsulates all of these methods and components and will help your development team in the long run.