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A software company in today’s world has a lot to consider when developing their applications. With the speed and power of today’s computers and operating systems, the hardware and architectures are always in a state of flux. What will work on today’s devices may not work on tomorrow’s with the updates and the changes to systems and technologies happening so rapidly.

This problem is compounded if your application works on both Android and Apple iOS. Now you have two different operating systems to think about and to make the application compatible with both systems. That’s just the operating systems! I haven’t even mentioned the speed of hardware releases these days. Both Apple and Samsung release new smartphones every year and are constantly tweaking and changing their chip infrastructures and memory requirements.

Facebook has addressed this issue by building a gigantic hub that is crammed with virtually every single phone that’s been manufactured in the last ten years. This ensures complete compatibility with all or most phones with each new update to the application. They can also see with their own eyes which phones and models will fall off with each new update to the application. This is invaluable to have and most companies would love to have the opportunity to have such a system put into place.

But most companies don’t have the resources, the time, or the financial acumen that Facebook has. California-based pCloudy.com hears you and can deliver the same services to your business at a Third of the cost compared to a major physical setup. pCloudy.com employs Predictive Analytics and AI to help the testing process. Mobile DevOps tools are always employed to deliver top-of-the-line testing for thousands of browser-device combinations. pCloudy.com can help your business and application in preparation for maximum compatibility.