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Dynamic Web and Mobile Application Development Volume 5

Demand for web application development continues to grow, without any foreseeable limit. Every company needs a web developer or a team of developers to help expand branding efforts to reach and interact with new customers. Change is, and always be, central to the nature of this endeavor.

New programming frameworks, tools, and languages are constantly making previous products obsolete in the endless race to remedy the critical issue du jour of the day. It’s a fast-paced industry, and a vital, growing community. Given the enormous amount of web and mobile development information, tools, and technology available,- no one developer could hope to master them all.

Bill Gates once said, “In three years, every product we make will become obsolete. The only question is whether we will make them obsolete ourselves or somebody else will.”

Through a survey of over 1,200 software professionals from every sector of the software industry, this guide discusses the state of the development field as well as trends in modern web and mobile app development.

• Main programming languages used by modern developers
• Preferred frameworks for full stack developers
• Front-end web development: JavaScript flavors and frameworks
• Back-end development: The rise of Node.JS
• Server-side operations
• Dominant methods of web app testing
• Central browsers and databases

You will also get a deep look into the Twelve-Factor App methodology.

A “best practices” guide for building modern, cloud-native applications, the Twelve Factor App methodology outlines the best practices that apply to a diverse number of use cases, from web applications, and APIs to data processing applications.

In this guide, mobile and web developers from every sector of the software industry discuss topics that relate to mobile and web app development.