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Is Mobile the Weakness of Digital Transformation
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Hi! My name is Brett.

As an IT professional, I’ve been a part of many organization’s digital transformation efforts. As digital transformation continues to rise in priority for business leaders, many don’t realize that digital transformation today requires bold, next-level mobile innovation.

Because of the massive effect mobile has on digital transformation efforts, companies that organize and excel at mobile are best poised for success. Let’s take a look at a few ways organizations need to improve their mobile efforts to better support their digital transformation.

Mobile Projects

Almost half of the organizations admit to abandoning their mobile app projects recently but to be able to experience proper success from their digital transformation efforts, it’s essential to focus on mobile app projects. As market demand for mobile app development services grows, an organizations’ capacity to deliver these services will need to keep up or they will not be successful with their digital transformation efforts.

Mobile Challenges

When it comes to businesses moving forward with their digital transformation and mobile app efforts, many believe that unreasonable expectations and an insufficient budget are both obstacles they face. While many organizations believe hiring more employees and throwing more money that their problems will solve everything, the real solution is to implement a tool that will allow you to solve your problems while reaching your transformation goals.

Room for Improvement

While many organizations today have created and deployed mobile apps, when it comes to showing the effectiveness of these apps for meeting business goals, there’s still a lot of room for improvement. Creating quality apps are not only critical to the employee and customer experience, but they’re important to your recruitment efforts as well. When your mobile apps are effective at driving sales and engagement, as well as effective at driving employee productivity, then you’ll know when you’re apps are of the best quality.

Organizations today have big digital transformation goals, but reaching those goals is impossible unless you have a thorough understanding of what it really takes to succeed in mobile today. By implementing a tool that will not only help you create quality mobile apps but measure the success of those apps as well, you’ll be able to beat the competition and achieve your digital transformation goals.

If you want to learn  more about why mobile could be the weakness of digital transformation, click the link below for more information.