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Corporate Finance
Corporate Finance
A Guide to Continuity Planning in the Public Sector
This guide explores a public sector guide to continuity planning as they...

Improve Efficiency with Bank Operational Processing
Banking requires multiple operational services. Customers prefer a system without any lagging...

Why Executives Should Pay Attention to Open Banking
Hi! My name is Stephen and I’m a financial professional. Modern banking has become...

Best Practices for Getting Your Stakeholders on Board
Hey, My name is Bruce. As an IT professional, I understand how...

Banking APIs and Microservices at Enterprise Scale
The financial industry has formally started to convert efforts towards Service Oriented...

Agility: The Chief Characteristic of Modern Finance
A new modern finance delivery model is emerging that is fully equipped...

How to Manage Commissions Under ASC 606
A new guideline called the Revenue Recognition Standard has recently enforced a...

3 Ways Memory Based Reasoning Can Solve Financial Companies’ Problems
The constantly changing and disruptive technology industry keeps financial companies under pressure...

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