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3 Ways Memory Based Reasoning Can Solve Financial Companies’ Problems

Addressing Financial Services Challenges with Cognitive Analytics Solution Brief-ForDistribution

The constantly changing and disruptive technology industry keeps financial companies under pressure to comply with regulatory demands and looking for ways to increase efficiency, boost revenue, and eliminate loss.

To deal with some of the problems such as fraud and lack of efficiency, banks, and insurance companies are turning to artificial intelligence to ensure regulatory compliance and better understand the needs of customers and their overall business structure.

Memory-based reasoning and cognitive analytics is one of the primary ways in which financial companies approach solving their business challenges. If you are responsible for business strategy or your company’s technology decisions, a solution that involves cognitive analytics and memory-based reasoning will allow you to make successful business outcomes and deliver value through IT.

Such a solution allows for:

#1 Unification of diverse structured and unstructured data sources.

#2Faster time to deep insights.

#3 Greater accuracy.

#4 Transparent actions and recommendations.

If you’re thinking about a cognitive analytical solution for your financial business needs, here are 3 ways such a solution can help:

#1 Risk and compliance

Faster analysis of data leads to increased accuracy and helps prevent activities of fraud and money-laundering.

#2 IT operational efficiency and business operations

Besides finding and resolving issues faster, IT managers can maintain a staff directory and offer talent management services to the company’s HR department.

#3 Customer engagement

Your company can customize each interaction with a customer and understand what their needs are and how best to meet them.

Artificial intelligence technology is changing the way productivity is improved, insight is gained, and data sources are unified.

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