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How Digital HR Capabilities Change People Management
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A 2015 KPMG HR Transformation survey revealed that “Close to half of the enterprises studied, 47%, still rely on paper-based processes for compensation activities, 42% still use paper for global grading or job leveling, and 28% still rely on paper for some performance management tasks.”

This means that far too many HR departments are stuck managing manual processes that include paper forms and manual approvals. HR work is difficult enough to ensure the right talent is identified and the best people are in the proper positions.

The ability to quickly move through the ongoing process of recruiting, hiring, onboarding, benefits and even offboarding requires efficient handling of data and quick decision-making.

Digital HR helps to alleviate frustration with people processes and aims at reaching a global pool of talent to get the best candidates.

How can digital HR help?

  1. It pushes companies to be more data-driven. Foundational, advanced, and transactional analytics offer the ability to act on data-driven information, better target employee needs, and understand the current workforce in real-time.
  1. It streamlines the selection and hiring process. Cutting down the time required to get approvals for candidates means more time spent identifying new talent and training current talent.
  1. It improves the quality of work life. After hiring is complete, HR can focus on ensuring active engagement and participation in a culture that is free from negativity.

With digital HR processes, HR managers can focus on integration, interaction, connection, and analytical thinking to ensure the best people get the most work done efficiently.

To find out the benefits of human capital management and digital HR processes, click the link below for more information.