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Cleaning, Validating, and Enhancing the SQL Server Data Warehouse Contact Dimension
We collect contact data from several sources. You can collect contacts at...

The Pros and Cons of a Serverless Architecture
The respective pros and cons of serverless and containers architectures are debatable...

The Ultimate Server Hardware Cheat Sheet
A server is the main computer or program which provides a service...

Is It the End of Life for Windows Server 2008?
After almost 12 years, Windows Server 2008 is facing the end of...

Running SharePoint Server on Amazon Web Services (AWS)
SharePoint Server is almost ubiquitous in most high-end Enterprise systems. If your...

5 Must Ask Questions about DNS
Hi! My name is Will. As an IT professional, I understand better than most how important...

Observations from the Front Lines of Threat Hunting
Data Intrusion is an ever-changing threat to networks and IT professionals worldwide....

What Is Proactive Hunting?
Data Protection is at an all-time high and the culprit has been...

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