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Observations from the Front Lines of Threat Hunting

Data Intrusion is an ever-changing threat to networks and IT professionals worldwide. It’s one of the biggest reasons for lost revenues in business due to customer data breaches, loss of company IP and other damaging information stolen.

Implementing a Proactive Hunting mindset with a multi-pronged attack on the perimeter is the best course of action against the threat. This mindset has been the most successful against cyber attacks compared to other means of defense. A good Proactive Hunting toolbox includes IT essentials such as endpoint detection and response, a cloud-based infrastructure, single-agent architecture, and next-generation AV.

Utilizing this toolbox has the highest rate of success against all types of attack on the network. Real-Time Defense is your best ally in stopping a cyber attack before it starts. If you’re playing catch-up, the damage is already done. The defense should be paramount, as the Marines once said… Failure is not an option.