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5 Reasons PowerEdge Server Innovation Leads HPE Servers

This whitepaper describes the benefits and innovations of PowerEdge servers which are taking the lead in innovation when compared with HPE. These innovations include hot-plug easy-access drives for PCIe SSDs/NVMe, efficient and flexible power control of Intel Turbo Boost alongside processor acceleration technology. It also features enhanced server security technology based on silicon that features booting protected by cryptography, system erase, system lockdown, and USB ports that are dynamically enabled.

Data servers are a type of computing structure that contains database applications that provide database services such as data analysis, data archiving, data storage, data manipulation, and data transmission to other computers or computer programs, usually by making use of the client/server architecture model.

Some data servers use the master/slave architecture model, where the database master server is the central and primary location of data and has unidirectional control over the database slave servers, which are usually synchronized backups of the master data server acting as proxies. Users can access a data server either through a front-end program running on the user’s computer, or through the back end, which runs on the server and handles all the database tasks such as storage, transmission, and manipulation.

Database management systems (DBMS) are often used to provide functionality between the database and server. Some database management servers exclusively use the client-server model while others are meant for use as an embedded database system which is where a database management system is built into an application that requires access to stored data rather than being provided as a standalone tool.

PowerEdge servers revolutionize the design of most modern data centers; their racks are densely filled with tools and options to configure storage, I/O nodes, and specific workloads. The new hardware design does not endanger the advantages that are provided by shared infrastructure systems. These data servers also include newly developed technologies for cooling and power, as well as integration features and enhancement through intelligent automation.

If you are looking to improve or upgrade your data server, be sure to consider PowerEdge hardware. Download this whitepaper today.