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What Is Proactive Hunting

Data Protection is at an all-time high and the culprit has been Hackers or Malicious Programs which infiltrate unprotected networks and spreads chaos to end users. The biggest threat to Business is not just a breach, that’s bad enough, but a Mega breach. What’s a Mega breach? It’s a breach of extremely important data such as customer’s personal information (Credit Card numbers, Social Security numbers, etc.) or a Company’s IP (Intellectual Property). That’s the type of information that can be catastrophic in the wrong person’s hands. This battle to keep that type of breach from happening has spawned the IT genre of “proactive hunting”.

But what is Proactive Hunting? Simply put, Proactive Hunting is regular IT security on Steroids. Proactive Hunting implements endpoint detection, threat response services, and the Cloud to put up a virtual Maginot Line against threats to the Network or the Data Mainframe from outsiders.

One should find a good cloud-based company to deliver real-time data analytics and network monitoring to put their protection plan into motion. Implementing Proactive Hunting is the final word on total network security and should be used by IT professionals who value the protection of company data.