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5 Ways to Prepare Your Website for the Holiday Season
If you’re the average human being, it is quite possible to put...

10 Important Trends for Realizing Marketing Potential
Marketing is, at its core, a form of communication with current customers...

How to Create Effective “Next Best Offers”
According to a 2013 survey by Econsultancy and Adobe, “92 percent of...

What the Future Looks Like for Customer Experience
CX executives or customer experience executives face a wide range of challenges...

Driving Brand Value With Customer-Generated Content
Consumer generated content or CGC its ubiquitous. Consumers post almost everything they...

The Way to Better Marketing Performance Begins with 4 Stages
Marketers today are more innovative, creative, and strategic than ever. And, well,...

5 Questions to Guide You Toward Mobile Workspace Delivery
While many business owners and company department heads recognize the validity and...

What Types of Videos Work Best for Video Marketing
Did you know that according to Forrester Research, “A minute of video...

The Best Ways to Manage Anonymous and Authenticated Customer Experiences
Long before social media or mobile accessibility came on the scene, it...

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