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Insights You Should Know About Email Performance
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Every year, millions of emails are sent out across the internet with the main goal of getting the recipient to buy something, to believe something, or to think about something different.

Marketers have an immense responsibility to provide information in an easy to understand, efficient, and quick way for users. The message is important but the click-through takes, metrics, list churn, engagement metrics, and methodology are all equally as important.

Gauging the success of any email marketing campaign requires going beyond surface numbers and looking to see whether the end goal was met or if it fell short. Also, marketing campaigns are no longer just about getting the message out. It is equally about adding value to current and prospective customers’ lives.

A 2016 study found three new measures that give marketers additional insights info email performance:

  1. Non-holiday emails outperformed holiday-period messaging.When it comes to products, marketers frequently change their messaging, especially during the holidays. However, a failure to deliver personalized content can result in minimum customer engagement and lost revenue.
  2. The “frequency math effect” surfaced.Gauging statistics based on per message opens, click-thoughts, and churns as well as cumulative opens based on the same measures can result in a better view of frequency variations and more accurately determine the positive or negative impact on email efforts.
  3. Mobile email readership is highest in emerging economies and the United Kingdom, while retail and commerce had the lowest engagement rates.

In the study, emails sent throughout the UK and most of the rest of the world had the highest mobile readership at 55%. Additionally, when it came to engagement and readership rates, 53% of emails were read while 26% were glanced at and 22% was skimmed.

Comparing your email marketing plan and results with those surveyed can help you to create a first-class email marketing program that works.