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Do You Have a Sales Team of Hunters
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You’ve probably heard of the ongoing battle between hunter salespeople and farmer salespeople. If you’ve hired members of the sales team, you may not have even taken time to identify the difference. But hunters vs. farmers have faced scrutiny for ages over their skillset and method of reaching their goal.

But first, let’s identify some characteristics:

Hunter salespeople are typically considered to be independent. They take initiative, love to explore new areas for their work, and generally aim to close deals as quickly as they can.

Farmer salespeople focus on collaboration and relationship-building. They nurture leads and relationships with clients and tend to draw solid loyalty from customers.

Now, the reason question: which is better, hunter or farmer?

In truth, hunter salespeople are typically considered to be better. Well, why not, they are more aligned with closing the deal which boosts the bottom line every time a deal is closed. But a better answer would be to find a balance between the two.

If you’re looking to establish a successful hunter culture, here are a few steps to follow:

1. A hungry hunter is a motivated hunter.

Motivation comes to those who really are hungry for the sale. Like wild animals that go relentlessly after their prey, hunter salespeople are driven to find and follow new leads, to hit their quotas, and to earn a commission. Hunter salespeople don’t need it given to them; they will go after it.

2. Take care of your hunters.

Hunting is difficult. It requires patience and consistency. To be told “no” once a day is enough, but nearly 100, 200, or even more, that can take its toll. Hunters have to take this in order to be successful. So, consider big comp packages for those hunters who meet and exceed targets.

3. Equip your hunters with the proper tools.

To do the job right, hunters need the right tools. Days of following up emails manually and scheduling tasks are long gone. Today, access to sales engagement tools and various forms of outreach like social media can help hunters execute their plans, identify specific personas, and drive results.