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Why You Should Be Using a Digital Advertising Campaign
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Digital or internet advertising is when companies leverage the power of internet technology to promote products and services to businesses or consumers.

Buyers today have heightened expectations of what they want or need because they are able to interact more easily with multiple brands and across multiple devices. Bombarded with advertisements in every medium every day, buyers have become pretty good at ignoring what they do not want and aiming for personalized time with brands at their convenience.

Digital advertising for your company must be much more than just noise in order for it to be effective.

Marketers today understand three things about digital advertising and the modern buyer:

— Buyers are constantly on digital channels (meaning they spend tons of time online)

— Greater targeting capabilities exist (digital advertising comes with greater control and increased opportunity for interaction)

— Availability of customer intent data enables one-on-one conversation and personalization (with all the customer data available, marketers an use individual profiles to provide customized experiences)