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How to Turn 'I'm Just Looking' Into 'I Want to Buy'
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There is nothing more irritating for a company than to see a handful of people browse your website and leave without having purchased anything. The sale and the potential to transform that individual into a consistent customer is gone and you are left to start the process all over again.

For almost any business, every sale matters for the company’s longevity, reputation, and bottom line. It also counts for all the time, money, energy, and manpower you’re investing into making your business a success.

So how do you turn shoppers into buyers and transform them into repeat customers?

Long before now, there were so few webpage online that It was as simple as putting up a webpage and being willing to wait. Now, it is not that simple as millions of websites exist online and on “the average consumer owns three different devices and uses an average of 1.6 to make a purchase.”

The buying process is longer and marketers are tasked with making the customer journey exceedingly satisfying and engaging.

> It all starts with making your website pages appealing.

> Then make your website brand stand out from the competition.

> Create an automated browse recovery campaign for those who visit and leave anyway.

> Adjust your pricing

> Build a loyal customer base by offering incentives, non-promotional messages, and engaging social sharing.