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Creating a Connected Customer/Consumer Experience
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In the digital age where services are increasingly becoming more automated, creating a connected customer experience is crucial. Mobile apps, social media, and artificial intelligence are just three of the changing technologies that are changing the way companies and customers interact.

However, with all the technology we have around us, many companies are getting the consumer experience all wrong. One of the primary ways experience can be improved is by CONNECTION. Not only should companies ask for feedback after providing a service but develop a clear-cut strategy for making customers satisfied and appreciated.

The MuleSoft Connected Consumer Report for 2017 defines a connected customer/consumer experience as: “An organization knowing your preferences across all channels and/or being able to provide you with access to the information you need in a timely manner.”

In its study, MuleSoft found that:

— 58% of consumers believe public services provide a disconnected experience.

— 55% of consumers believe insurance providers provide a disconnected experience.

— 53% of consumers believe banks provide a disconnected experience.

— 52% of consumers believe retailers provide a disconnected experience.