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Top 10 Tools for Creating Interactive Content in 2019

Creating Interactive Content

Being interactive with customers has never been easier and more important than it is today. Whether you are attempting to embed a quiz or contest or create a whitepaper, ebook, or information guide, there are several tools on the market that can help you to successfully integrate the interactive process into the content you are creating for internal and external clients.

Below are some of the top 10 tools available for creating interactive content in 2019.

1. Engageform

A tool used to develop surveys and quizzes for your customers is Engageform. You can use this form for obtaining feedback from customers. You can also use to help them determine what type of product or service is the best for them.

2. WebyClip

If you are marketing for an eCommerce business owner, using the WebyClip tool allows customers to seek out the products they desire. Uploading videos of the products allow customers to view products or services in use, developing further promotion.

3. SnapApp

One of the more popular tools utilized for interactive content is the SnapApp. Infographics, calendars, and other interactive content are developed and made available to customers through the app, interacting with the customers regularly. SnapApp allows content to post beyond websites and also to emails and mobile smartphones.

4. Apester

Polls, personality tests, and videos used on Apester allow your content to be embraced on your website. These types of interactions are fun for customers and also provide a unique insight of information to the customer base that is interacting with your content. Use this information to further direct your product or service and have an invaluable insight into customer audience.

5. Mapme

In order to promote social media interaction in conjunction with the local area, a popular tool known as Mapme allows the application to be embedded on both websites and mobile functions. They are designed to help customers search local and nearby locations such as restaurants, shops, hotels, and other businesses they prefer. This information is essential to marketing teams for referencing the most popular choices regarding these destinations.

6. Brackify

Are you looking to develop a poll or a vote? For the most interactive platform to display these votes, take advantage of the Brackify tool. Whether you want to vote on Holiday options or a favorite athlete, this information is top of the line information for creators and marketing developers. Before developing a new product, marketing can determine how the customer base will feel regarding potential features so that the best product is produced.

7. Qzzr

Another tool used for quizzes, the Qzzr tool has the ability to feature product or service offers upon quiz completion, based upon the answers provided by the customer. This tool allows your website to embed a CTA for your customers, or obtain customer emails for marketing purposes when customers sign in for the quiz.

8. Vizia

Allowing some of the same features as the other tools, Vizia allows those to vote or be quizzed while watching a video ad, essentially taking interaction to the next level with customers.

9. Guides.co

Would you like to include quality guides for your content? If so, the Guides.co tool provides reading content for customers at an interactive level. Allow them to virtually watch and tour the subject of the guide while being supplied quality information.

10. Ion Interactive

Ion Interactive is a tool that provides a variety of options for interaction with over one thousand templates available for everything from calculators and quizzes to white papers and infographics.

Depending on the type of content you would like to provide to your potential customer base should determine which of these tools are for you. Review the type of data you desire from the customer interaction and take advantage of the tools that your competitors are using.

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