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The Power of Interactive Content in Marketing

As a marketer or business owner, the ultimate goal is to capture the attention and business of current and potential clients, but in this digitally competitive age, how is that possible? In a world of static digital ads, a business must stand out, and to do that, interactive marketing has to play a huge role in the marketing campaign. Read on to learn more about interactive marketing.

What is Interactive Digital Marketing?

Interactive digital marketing is a form of marketing that gets the consumer involved. As opposed to static ads, interactive marketing makes the consumer feel like they are part of something- it allows them to be involved. Some examples of interactive marketing content include quizzes, contests, games, infographics, and ebooks. Unlike the ordinary ads that are generally ignored, this content is more than just words on a page. Interactive marketing piques the viewer’s interest and can then lead them down the remainder of a sales funnel.

Does Interactive Marketing Really Work?

I’ll turn that question back to you. Have you ever been scrolling through Facebook to find a silly sounding quiz such as, “Which Disney Princess are You?” or “What’s Your Spirit Animal?” and thought, “This should be fun.” Have you clicked on one and completed it? Did you share it afterward? If so, you are not alone. In fact, these quizzes (a form of interactive marketing) generate tons of engagement and millions of shares. One particular quiz titled, “What City Should You Actually Live In?” generated by BuzzFeed has been viewed more than 22 million times. These views resulted in more than 2.5 million likes. SnapApp reports a 300% increase in engagement for its clients using quizzes. That is an incredible amount of engagement.

Quizzes are not the online interactive marketing content that produces tons of engagement. Whitepaper content marketing is also an excellent marketing tool. Interactive white papers include infographics, checklists, how-to guides, ebooks and more. Whitepapers are intended to assist with data visualization, to educate viewers, to promote an object, or to generally enrich a web page. As marketers agree that interactive content is at least 33% more effective at educating buyers, it is a very important part of digital marketing.

Why Does It Work So Well?

Interactive marketing helps to catch the viewers eye much better than just a paragraph or two of text. Once their attention has been gained, interactive content allows them to engage with a product, company or person to some extent. Viewers want to feel that they have gained something through their experience. They do not want to walk away empty handed. Interactive content marketing provides solutions to that problem. It can be used for education, entertainment, comparisons, and so much more. Also, many viewers feel that if you are giving away something so valuable, what you have to sell has to be even better.

How Do I Use Interactive Marketing to Get In Front of Buyers?

Interactive marketing is much simpler than you might imagine. A business or marketer should decide on content related to the product or service it is selling.

Here’s an example: If a personal trainer wants to gain new clients, he or she may decide to put together an eye-catching infographic on statistics for success when one works out alone versus with a personal trainer. This infographic will educate viewers on these statistics and should cause some to realize that they need to hire a personal trainer. Those who make this initial decision can then follow links attached to this infographic to the personal trainer’s web page where they can then hire him or her. The infographic has played a huge role in the sales funnel by attracting potential clients.

After creating the interactive content, it must be placed in front of viewers in order for it to work. Social media is an excellent marketing tool but may limit your exposure to only people you know. It is often necessary to go beyond your personal circle of influence.

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