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The Possibilities of the Next Generation Firewall

The Possibilities of the Next Generation Firewall

With a focus on prevention architecture, the next generation firewall is built to help your business boost growth, incorporate innovation, and mitigate the risks involved.  

The Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) aims to detect and event prevent threats through intelligence means. A traditional firewall simply controls traffic at the entry or exit points within a network.

Before NGFW came into the picture, companies were run in a rather simplified manner. However, companies today must operate in a more complex structure with a myriad of devices being used to access information and with multiple attacks on the horizon.

With new data access points in place, it is critical that companies exercise better control over who and who doesn’t have access to their networks. To do this, NGFWs play a critical role in the process. One of the main benefits of an NGFW is that it can helps organizations set up policies and controls at the application level.

What a Next Generation Firewall Looks Like

If an employee downloads any file or document from the internet, it may be unsecured which the network administrator can be notified of immediately and be able to take action on. With Next Generation Firewalls, you get better visibility and control over all users, devices, and associated threats. This empowers the network team to give a more concrete response to the board members, assuring the organization is “safe.”

With recent news of enterprise information being under threat from malicious attacks, organizations may want to consider a Next Generation Firewall that will focus on threats and perform tasks such as:

  • Identifying which assets are more at-risk
  • Faster response to attacks with intelligent security automation that will set up policies
  • Having unified policies that will ease out administration and reduce complexity

Tips for Strategic Firewall Placement

Here are some tips for you to ensure that you have the right firewall in place:

Be Strategic

Find a vendor who can precisely map your current infrastructure with the right Next Generation Firewall.

Go Automated

Automate daily and routine security tasks such as impact assessment, tuning of policies, and user identification.

Share Intelligence

You should be able to harness the intelligence coming out of this exercise and existing security technologies so that you can consolidate your response.

However, as a word of caution, there are some Next Generation Firewalls that can create more problems than they resolve. For instance, they can be a bottleneck for the network and slow down the overall performance of the system. Additionally, some NGFWs prove to be less effective, especially when threat inspection is turned on.

The best thing to do is analyze what type of benefits you would look for in a next generation firewall and ensure they apply to your business needs before proceeding.