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How to Improve Your Content Reach

Article gives the points to maximizing your content reach

The 2018 survey from Content Marketing Institute shows that 91% of B2B digital marketers use content to reach the audience. however, 86% of them regard to content as the key in any marketing strategy. Research evidently shows that content is the only viable way to reach your audience. Hence, its reach should cover a large base of audience.

Key points for digital marketers to remember

Here are 3 takeaway points to remember when maximizing your content reach:

  • Content reach will not only help you to curate ever-green content but will also increase the return on investment through content marketing
  • Make sure your content is understandable, easy to share, search engine optimized, and resourceful to the reader
  • Effective marketing tools play by basic content rules to help you increase your reach

Ways to maximize your content reach

Take any piece of content and follow one of these ways to increase its value over time:

  1. Repost content on multiple channels

    Yes, including a lot of articles on your blog is good for reaching a wide base of audience. However, you can select the content with the most views and repurpose it. While some people like to listen to podcasts, others love watching videos. Some changes here and there and you would be able to use the same content in the podcast as well as the YouTube tutorials.

  2. Post genuine content

    Maximizing your content reach is no fairytale. People believe in facts and figures. They trust in-depth knowledge. If you do not have a research and development budget, you can use graphs, past research papers, and infographics to increase the content’s credibility.

  3. Promote content on multiple channels

    Most brands add new information every day. However, you can work smart and link one platform to another. Expanding your social media platforms is a good way to maximize content reach. With an automated marketing tool, you can link social media accounts effortlessly.

  4. Use SEO optimized content

    Emphasize search engine optimized content to ensure you understand user intent. Thorough keyword research will not only increase website traffic but will also help you to find out current problems and unviable solutions in the industry.

  5. Maximize employee engagement

    Your employees are your biggest asset. Encourage your employees to share your content on social media from their private accounts. However, you would have to implement an employee advocacy program to carry out such an act.

  6. Post content regularly

    The number one way of increasing content reach is curating and publishing content regularly. Curating content daily creates opportunities to drive traffic, engage more, and share the links endlessly with the world.

  7. Invest in digital advertisement

    A fast and effective way to build an audience is paid promotion. Social media advertisements, PPC campaigns, influencer marketing, and referral marketing are some examples of effective digital advertisement.

  8. Cross-promote your content

    A person doesn’t need to use Facebook and Instagram, both. People who follow you on social media do not necessarily have a clue about your website. Cross-promote your content and use this opportunity to increase content reach.

  9. Focus on influencer marketing

    People follow influencers and keep track of their lives. They trust their recommendations and follow whoever they follow. Collaborating with influencers is a great way to maximize your content reach and drive heavy traffic to your Instagram and Facebook accounts.

  10. Be active on social forums

    Public forums and communities are welcoming. Be active on forums and you would have the opportunity to spread your content to millions of people. You can even chat with the audience and maximize customer engagement.


Repurposing your content is one of the top ways to enjoy reaping some of the benefits of a solid content marketing strategy. However, you must make sure the content reaches a wide audience base of interested readers and can carry them through the funnel by keeping them engaged and compelled to make a purchase, download an asset, or follow your brand. Doing this consistently will help your presence and business growth.

Content marketing is no small feat, if you have a report or whitepaper on technology, human resources, marketing, finance, or any sub-related topic, submit it here and we will show you how to optimize and take it to the next level.