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Creating Meaningful Content in the Age of COVID

Article explains creating relevant content during COVID

When will this COVID pandemic end?

When will there be enough space in hospitals to take care of all the COVID patients?

When will we be able to celebrate events together?

When can we hug or stand close to other again?

Will content marketing ever be the same again?

Some are not afraid of these types of questions that start with “WHEN.” Rather the questions that trip us upstart with “WILL.”

Fortunately, the answer is yes, we will get back to some of these things. But how can we know this for sure? It is because of our conscience.  We humans build our answers. If we will, we can.

Once a famous storyteller and philosopher said, ‘if we are talking about suppressing and ending world’s issues, we are headed towards the wrong direction’. The world is a big pile of mess and no one can change the situation we all are facing right now. However, we can sort out our messes.

B2C and B2B Collaboration in the Pandemic

Just recently, an article ‘House beautiful’ caught my eye because it started with the words:

Its founder and president, Julia Noran Johnston, who at the time had been working at Hearst Magazines … noted that advertisers in shelter magazines increasingly wanted to reach design professionals, a valuable audience subset with considerable spending power, but one not necessarily core to large consumer glossies or existing trade publications serving architects or builders.

As the article suggested, Johnston left Hearst to start his own business named Business of Home. Soon enough, reputable interior designers such as Cottage and Gardens, Ella Décor, and Veranda became his trusted clients. They signed a long-term contract with the Business of Home to produce the videos for the event and provide coverage in their events.

Long before, Conde Nast’s architectural digest introduced a members-only offering targeting just the designers and the architects.

But, the Business of Home’s owner came with a strategy that helped both the publications. There are branded guest columns full of house and interior prints. And, the consumer magazines pay BOH a hefty profit to produce them.

While the column helps House Beautiful a niche segment, the business Of Home gets paid for creating content.

Just recently, the company has made modifications, and now, they do not only focus on interior designers but also the manufacturers and well-known retailers.

This strategy opens new ways for publishers to monetize their content. They can expand their coverage, learn tricks from BOH, and reach new audiences.

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A Person Making a Difference in the World of Content Marketing

Jon Kane is the director of client services at Brainrider. It is a creative marketing agency that helps companies build strong customer relations while enhancing their sales pipelines.

Jon Kane’s experience and input on content marketing, technology, and B2B marketing have provided guidance to all industries.

One Content Marketing Idea Worth Trying

Should the news disrupt your content calendar? Here is how to decide if a good piece of writing that determines whether you should change your content practices in the pandemic or not.

As there is a global emergency, the current situation will have you changing your current content schedule.


Content marketing tips are delivered quicker and faster. It takes less time than entering an online class. So, be right back with one more content marketing tip and news time next week.