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How to Build Brand Affinity with Contextual Advertising

Article gives tips Building Brand Affinity with Contextual Advertising

In this era of technology and communication, brand affinity is more important than ever. Studies indicate that meaningful brands outperform the stock market by 134% while having considerably higher KPIs than other techniques.

Contextual advertising is a technique for advertising where the content of a message is purposefully matched to relevant digital content.

A Guide to Building Brand Affinity

Brand affinity is a belief that allows customers to emotionally attach themselves to a company. For example, customers will buy a smartphone from a certain mobile company if they know it is a trend, or how the company is trying to tackle active issues in the world.

For example, customers are more likely to buy a smartphone from a company that vows to eliminate their carbon footprint as compared to a company that takes no such vows, even if the second option is cheaper.

Here are a few things you need to know to start building brand affinity through contextual advertising efforts:

  1. Know your target audience

    The first step of any purpose-driven marketing is to figure out your market & a target audience. There are many dedicated tools and techniques available to extract information about your audience.

    Using these tools, you should try to create dedicated customer profiles. These profiles will contain all information that will be useful for the company in all stages in the future.

  2. Communication is key to success

    70% of consumers say they have already made a choice to support a company that delivers great customer service. People are more likely to buy from a business nowadays that is more personal and less corporeal. Use different channels available to you like social media, email, and campaigns or events to your advantage.

  3. Make interactions memorable

    This is a common psychology technique: people will remember you if they have something to remember you by. Set trends, create memorable moments, set up events, and create a pleasant buying experience. There are various methodologies that you could use to make your interactions memorable too.

    Creating and running an account-based marketing campaign is a big plus here.

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Reasons why Contextual Advertising is Important

There are many reasons why you would choose contextual advertising to build your brand’s affinity.

  • Evolves with the customer: No advertisement survives the testament of time. Contextual advertising allows businesses to create advertisements that change as customers and their tastes change or evolve. Doing so can dramatically increase your Click-through Rate.
  • Data-privacy friendly: Contextual advertising is data-privacy friendly: businesses only store what they will need for their business. The customer knows this, and especially with concerns regarding privacy, being met with contextual advertising can lead to massive gains.
  • Works in the brand’s favor: Studies show that using contextual advertising can, in turn, increase brand favorability in the eyes of the customer by up to 22%. This is because of how integrating ads in a company’s articles can create a premium halo effect on viewers slash potential customers.
  • Helps maintain traction: Contextual advertisement can help businesses build and maintain traction in their online advertising efforts. In this world of ever-so-infested adverts, it takes a strongly personalized ad to come across as even remotely enticing.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article on building brand affinity with contextual advertising will help you and your business grow and see the success you desire from advertising and marketing efforts. People are becoming self-conscious at a very steady pace, making these people loyal customers if you play your cards right.