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4 Proven Tips On How To Market Your Whitepapers Right

4 Proven Tips On How To Market Your Whitepapers Right

As we’ve shown in previous blog entries, whitepapers are a powerful way to market your company. As a prime example of content marketing, you can tailor messages for very specific audiences that provide useful, engaging information and data, rather than blatant sale pitches.

According to a “B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends-North America” report from the Content Marketing Institute, 68 percent of marketers use whitepapers as part of their marketing initiatives. And there’s a good reason for it. They actually work.

They help you connect with key decision makers and influencers, establish you as a thought leader, build and enhance your brand image, and even generate sales leads when you offer whitepapers as an incentive through campaigns.

They are definitely a formidable part of your marketing strategy. But first, you have to market them in order for them to be effective. You could create the most insightful whitepapers ever, but they’re useless unless you get them in front of your target audience.

How do you do that? There are several great ways, but here are four of the best methods.

1. Host it On Your Website

First and foremost, add it as an informative resource on your website. Your site should always be the primary destination for every marketing campaign you run. It should also have content that engages and keeps visitors there for an extended period.
Whitepapers geared toward your potential customers with problem-solving information they need and will read is a proven way to keep them on your site. Plus, statistics show that 76% of buyers are willing to share information in exchange for whitepapers. So offering them as gated content is a proven way to collect qualified leads.

2. Spread the Word Through Content Syndication

Content syndication is distributing your whitepaper to your target audience through an online and offline network of a myriad of sources. That can include social media, newsletters, related websites, industry associations, news media, and advertising to name just a few.
The farther you spread the word, the more people will see it and possibly reach out to you. According to a survey by Salesbox, content syndication is a core source of leads for 65% of B2B marketers. That’s because it exposes a dedicated niche audience primed to purchase your products.

3. Conferences and Other Live Events

Even in today’s digital world, marketing to people face-to-face is a very significant way to build relationships and generate potential business opportunities. That’s why conferences, trade shows, and other live industry events are still so popular.
The challenge, though, is not only drawing people to your booth, it’s providing them with a memorable giveaway. Everyone loves a good bit of swag, but the main reason people attend conferences is for useful content that helps them grow as professionals. Whitepapers are an ideal source of that type of content.

4. Team Up With Whitepaper Experts

Do you want to take advantage of the power of marketing with whitepapers, but you don’t have a paper or the staff to produce one? Then reach out to a service that can help you write and design a paper tailored specifically for your industry and audience.

Contact us. Not only can OnlineWhitepapers.com produce a whitepaper, we can also help you market it through content syndication and a wide range of other effective, proven initiatives.