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5 Steps to an AI Proof of Concept
Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a machine or program that operates with...

The State of Online Privacy
Internet privacy is a huge deal; here's the present standing of the...

Hotels and Cyber-Crime Prevention
Meet Bruce. Bruce is the head manager of a very nice hotel...

Why Defenders Should Prepare for New Network-based Threats
Hackers today have all the necessary tools and expertise to take down...

Making GDPR Your Best Friend
Everyone has an opinion about GDPR. GDPR is the relatively new mandatory...

How Organizations Can Accelerate Their Response to GDPR
GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation, is now fully in effect and...

GDPR Compliance for App and Data Delivery
In May of this year, the European Union, EU, implemented a new...

The Best Ways to Ensure Compliance and Keep Your Data Safe
Recent episodes of data threats and attacks are forcing organizations to tighten...

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