GDPR Compliance for App and Data Delivery - Download White Paper (PDF)

GDPR Compliance for App and Data Delivery

achieve gdpr readiness with secure app and data delivery

In May of this year, the European Union, EU, implemented a new legal framework for the protection and distribution of personal data called the General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR. This new regulation affects organizations all around the world who serve anyone in the EU and are required to put security policies in place that address different risks and effectively enforce these policies with technical controls, or they could face hefty fines of over 10 million euros.

With such a major change in the way companies handle user data, being GDPR ready poses a huge challenge. Thanks to Citrix, though, you can easily be GDPR ready and not worry about facing legal consequences. Citrix offers technical solutions that meet GDPR security and compliance requirements.

Citrix has compiled an informative whitepaper that not only outlines what GDPR is and how your organization might change under the new law but also how they can achieve GDPR compliance in your organization. GDPR cannot be achieved with just a one-time fix in your organization but must be a constant undertaking. Learn how Citrix can help your business become and stay GDPR compliant in this comprehensive whitepaper.

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