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5 Steps to an AI Proof of Concept

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a machine or program that operates with human-like intelligence. While AI has existed for many years, there has been a rapid rise in its adoption and development in some businesses. However, many organizations still have not yet adopted artificial intelligence and its growth is not as fast as it seems. Despite its potential, many organizations still have questions about adopting AI. This is where Proof of Concept comes in. Proof of Concept, or PoC, is to help answer the questions of decision makers. PoC is used to evaluate and test projects or experiments. This whitepaper gives a five-step approach to a successful proof of concepts for artificial intelligence.

This whitepaper addresses the challenges that come with considering adopting AI as an organization and how they should use the Proof of Concept to answer the questions they might have. The solution for overcoming doubt about the value of using artificial intelligence is outlined in this whitepaper in five steps. Executives are encouraged to identify and test the opportunities of AI, understand how to solve problems, design and send out a solution, test the value of AI for your business, and adjust your Proof of Concept.

Data scientists and solutions teams have developed and tested AI solutions to help IT executives make decisions about adopting and utilizing AI. Artificial intelligence is on the rise in business and society but has yet to be adopted by many organizations because of the questions surrounding it. AI is useful in helping to solve challenges across industries and within organizations and you may want to put your business ahead of the competition by adopting AI early. This whitepaper shows you how to use Proof of Concept to test and evaluate the adoption of AI within your organization. Download this whitepaper today.