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Hotels and Cyber-Crime Prevention
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Meet Bruce.

Bruce is the head manager of a very nice hotel in a large city and has recently noticed an increased amount of cyber-crime being reported in the hotel sector. Bruce wants to know why cybercriminals have an interest in hotel networks like his and how he can prevent these criminals from ruining his business.

Bruce decides to conduct some research to learn if other hotels are suffering from this type of crime and he learns that cybercriminals attacking hotel networks is not a new fad. Bruce learns that there is real economic interest behind these types of attacks and the hotel sector has become one of the main targets for cyber-criminal gangs.

Bruce also learns that these criminals aren’t going away any time soon since they’ve created malware that’s designed specifically to scrape important credit card information from his point of sale (POS) system. This malware can not only steal valuable credit card data but can also perform targeted attacks against Bruce’s system ruining his reputation in the hotel sector.

To prevent his reputation from being ruined and cybercriminals successfully infiltrating his hotel system, Bruce needs to reinforce security, not only on his hotel network but on his hotel devices and systems as well. Bruce learns that to properly reinforce the security of his hotel network and systems, he needs to find a protection system that will protect his digital ecosystem and his business environment. Bruce needs to choose which protection system he will implement because not all systems are the same.

For Bruce to protect his hotel network against advanced and targeted attacks, he needs a protection system that guarantees Data Confidentiality, Privacy of Information, and Business Reputation and Legacy. Bruce needs to implement a protection system that can ensure his protection against known malware, advanced Zero-Day Threats, Advanced Persistent Threats, and Direct Attacks.

Now that Bruce has a better understanding of why cybercriminals attack hotels like his and how he can protect his network against them, he’s ready to successfully prevent cybercriminals from stealing his data and ruining his reputation.

If you want to learn more about hotels and cyber-crime prevention, click the link below for more information.