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Finance Trends that Will Enact Change in 2019 and Beyond
Hey there! My name is Eddie. Today, we are going to discuss...

Why Business Continuity for Finance and Accounting Departments Matters
The lifeblood of any business runs through its finance and accounting departments....

Best Practices for Freeing Up Capital with Invoice Finance
Hi! My name is John. As a finance professional for a large corporation, I understand...

Digital Maturity for Financial Services
Hi! My name is Alec. As a finance professional, I understand better than most how...

Securing Payment Processors
The ability to have payments processed is vitally important to modern businesses....

Why Executives Should Pay Attention to Open Banking
Hi! My name is Stephen and I’m a financial professional. Modern banking has become...

Banking with Open APIs
Hi! My name is Matt and I’m a financial professional. Our world is becoming...

4 Pillars of API Assessment in Open Banking
Hi! My name is Jerry and I’m a financial professional. As customer demands for...

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