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The State of Payment Processing and Fraud 2018
Developed by Kount in conjunction with The Fraud Practice, the State of...

6 Rules for Effective Forecasting
Meet Jared. Jared recently started his own business and has seen it...

Top Trends Impacting Account Takeover Fraud
Account-takeover (ATO) fraud is an identity theft strategy whereby a bad actor...

What CFOs Need to Know About the Hidden Costs of Static Planning
As CFOs of every organization lean towards becoming business leaders, their awareness...

Why Budgeting Fails
Have you ever tried perfecting your budgeting plan only to find that...

Top 5 Finance Processes that Disguise as Busy Work
Meet Mary, the CFO of a software analytics company. Mary loves to...

Banking APIs and Microservices at Enterprise Scale
The financial industry has formally started to convert efforts towards Service Oriented...

What You Need to Know About Good and Bad Credit Scores
Credit scores are seen as both a blessing and a frustration for...

A CX Leader’s Guide to Demonstrating Economic Value
The total value of great customer experience can be difficult to quantify...

Time Is Money: How to Save Both
We have all heard the adage before, "time is money." Every CFO...

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