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Open Banking as a Business Strategy
Hi! My name is Frank and I’m a financial professional. Open banking is the ability...

6 Steps Financial Services Should Take for Digital Transformation
Hi! My name is Josh. As a financial professional, I understand the need for...

Driving AI Value in Finance Healthcare and the Public Sector
Hi! My name is Stephen. As an IT professional, I’ve seen the ways AI...

New to Blockchain? This Is What You Need to Know
One of the biggest buzzwords in technology is Blockchain. A relatively new...

How Microsoft 365 Supports the Compliance Journey of Financial Organizations
Hi! My name is John. As a finance professional, I understand how difficult the...

Common Performance Challenges Faced by Online Retailers
Hi! My name is Chad. As a marketing professional, I understand that many...

Best Practices for Getting Your Stakeholders on Board
Hey, My name is Bruce. As an IT professional, I understand how...

Why Finance Teams are Moving to the Cloud
Hi! My name is Tom and I’ve been a finance professional for many...

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