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The essence of this infographic is to create awareness on how investing in an Omni-commerce payments solution can help businesses, organizations or companies become more agile and prepared for the future. As a business owner or manager, understanding consumer and merchant experiences are essential.


You likely know that consumers today demand innovative and personalized shopping experiences. For instance, one statistic reveals that a whopping 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that recognize, remember and price beneficial offers and recommendations.

While many fuel merchants are trying very hard to keep up with increasing customer expectations, we are glad to present a solution. The second part of this infographic introduces the ACI® Omni-Commerce™ solution. You will learn how to drive consumer loyalty, offer alternative payment options, accelerate your digital transformation, streamline customer data from various interactions, increase speed and agility, and deliver innovative customer experiences consistently across devices and customer touchpoints.

Download this infographic and learn how to achieve all of these and more with our vendor-agnostic platform.