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This whitepaper on Consolidate Apps to Improve Security and Savings

The latest eBook from Microsoft 365, ‘Consolidate Apps to Improve Security and Savings,’ is to help business and IT leaders to understand how they can consolidate apps on the Microsoft 365 platform to manage them better, lower costs, and ensure digital tools can be made to have easier access and use.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, and with the work-from-home situation leading to random adoption of digital tools and apps without the IT function having much say. Today, the IT function has been swamped with security challenges while still revoking and removing rogue apps. With excessive use of digital tools, the “shadow IT” that was set off during the pandemic has caused productivity problems and compromised enterprise security.

The e-book explores the explosion of digital tools that emerged during the pandemic and the challenges of shadow IT, which reduced productivity and increased security risks.

For IT, managing apps has become important because:

  • 66 percent of the executives believe getting more understanding and control of digital apps is a top priority.
  • 48 percent of executives believe employee productivity suffers because of the number and variety of apps and tools in use.
  • 94% of executives agree that it’s important that the digital applications and tools employees use must seamlessly interact with one another.

This makes it crucial for IT managers to approach application consolidation systematically to reduce costs, improve security and increase productivity. Bringing all enterprise apps onto a single platform eliminates the cost of digital sprawl and helps IT move beyond policing rogue apps. It also helps get rid of multiple apps that offer the same results.

Microsoft 365’s complete, integrated toolset reduces costs and administration overheads while improving collaboration, productivity, and security. Consolidation helps close security loopholes and provides a holistic approach to security. The e-book provides a systematic approach to app consolidation outlining its six benefits while offering insights on simplifying IT deployment and support, avoiding redundant capabilities, improving collaboration, optimizing hybrid work tools, and streamlining file storage and sharing.

Download the e-book now to learn more about Microsoft 365’s application consolidation platform and bring agility by controlling the explosion of digital tools in your enterprise IT platform.