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Your Out of the Ordinary Guide to Effective Content Optimization
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Content creation is a big deal these days, especially with major companies beginning to spend millions of dollars on original content creation in many mediums. While content creation is great, content optimization is the real ingredient that makes content attractive to search engines and findable and engaging by readers.

You have likely heard many different definitions of what content optimization is, from marketers to content specialists. But what is it really at its core?

 Content optimization is focused primarily on improving content so that it becomes high-quality content that is so loved by search engines that they rank the content higher on search results. It is a key piece of the search engine optimization puzzle. Beyond content optimization is topic optimization. Of course, this is a full discussion all by itself, but it can easily be broken down in this whitepaper.

Companies have known for a long time that content optimization is good for business, but content that doesn’t get the company anywhere isn’t such a wise investment.

In this whitepaper, MarketMuse shows the steps to follow to help you make your content high-quality, searchable, engaging, and worth ranking for your audience and for Google. In this whitepaper, you will learn:

• The difference between keywords and topics
• The difference between content optimization and SEO
• Best practices for building a web content optimization strategy
• Ways to make content optimization part of your company’s process
• What Google deems as important when it ranks search results
• How to measure content optimization efforts for success
• Implementing team collaboration techniques for content optimization priorities

MarketMuse offers a full suite to content strategists and content creation professionals looking to collaborate on creating targeted content plans, full-scale content optimization goals, and even AI-augmented writing applications. A collaborative content optimization process could work wonders for your company’s site.

To delve into the ins and outs of content optimization, click the whitepaper link below.