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Why You Need a Social Advertising Strategy
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How do you determine which social media platform is the best for your company or brand?

Well, that depends a lot on your goals and objectives. For marketers, social media advertising depends on the quality and size of the target audience on each social medium. A focus on quality content, solid products and services, and adding value will help to define what social network works best for your marketing efforts.

A SocialBakers study revealed that while 35% of marketers use Youtube, 24% use LinkedIn, and 23% use Twitter, a surprising 92% of those surveyed use Facebook as their main social advertising platform. While Facebook is dominant for marketers by a large percentage, companies must define their own goals in order to get the most out of paid social campaigns.

To do this, Marketo offers a simple guide to defining your social advertising strategy:

1— Define your goals

2— Identify your audience

3— Pick the right social media platform and content

4— Select targeting options

5— Create and measure your campaigns

Michael Stelzner, founder, and CEO of Social Media Examiner said, “Social media is speeding toward a ‘pay if you want to play’ model. With the introduction of algorithms across most major social networks, it’s very hard for businesses to stand out without bringing money to the table.”