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Why Every Commerce Marketer Needs These Tools to Succeed
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Managing a smart commerce marketing system is much more complex than a simple email marketing campaign or platform. Mass email messages are only a small part of modern marketing techniques. On average, marketers today use 7.2 different techniques to get their message across to buyers.
So what are some of these techniques?

#1 Building subscriber lists through a pop-up management tool which is easy to use, integrates with coupon managers and is compatible for mobile use.

#2 Manage coupons by offering promotions to subscribers only, not every visitor that arrives at your site. Coupons should be visual, unique, and in real time with SMS/MMS options.

#3 Activate the shopping cart. Buyers leave items in online shopping carts for a number of reasons but you can use that as an opportunity to send an email and remind them to return to the site to make their purchase.

#4 Make recommendations. Marketers don’t have a crystal ball, but with a little extra work, you can integrate a recommendation tool that allows buyers to see other useful items along with their potential purchase.