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Why Digital Experiences Are the New Competitive Currency
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Meet Chad.

Chad has been working for over thirty years and has seen the landscape of business change drastically. Recently, Chad has been hearing a lot of his co-workers talk about digital experiences and how they’re the new competitive currency. Chad isn’t so sure, so he decides to conduct a survey to gauge how his co-workers feel about digital experiences.

Chad first asks his co-workers what they believe to be the most important personal-life innovation of the last 25 years and finds that 16% of his co-workers believe cellphones/smartphones, 12% believe widespread email, and 11% believe cloud computing has been the most important innovation.

Chad has seen the innovations mobile phones have brought with them and concludes that it’s important to keep an eye on changes and seek tools that provide great experiences. Chad has noticed that a new role has formed in companies where the employee focuses on digital transformation efforts to provide insight and guidance.

With all the digital transformation going on in companies, Chad needs to ask himself whether the products, services, and environments provided to employees allow great experiences to be created and passed on to customers. If not, Chad needs to focus on modernizing and improving the performance of infrastructure or learn to approach matters differently.

Chad concludes that if digital experiences are the new competitive currency, strong interpersonal skills will be needed more, and workers will be prized for creativity and their ability to think differently rather than just work hard. He also believes that speaking a foreign language will be much more important and having no technical barriers to accessing information will be the norm.

Now that Chad understands why digital experiences are the new competitive currency, he’s ready to make sure that his company offers better digital experiences than their competitors.

If you want to learn more about why digital experiences are the new competitive currency, click the link below for more information.