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Over the years, many B2B organizations look to analytics and data to achieve growth and accelerate the buying process. This year, data has remained the nucleus of go-to-market activities.

A survey of a large group of B2B professionals revealed the B2B marketing and sales landscape and how critical data quality is the great lack of confident in their data and the slow adoption of key initiatives.

Unfortunately, instead of opportunity, the variety, velocity, and volume of data is the cause of this chaos. Therefore, the need for better quality data is of the greatest importance. But exactly how this is achieved?

In order to deliver intelligence and identity, B2B marketers need the right blend of these elements in order to make good, solid decisions. An actionable view directly ties itself to business challenges that your company may face. A flexible view structures and organizes data so that every business unit works from the same insights.

Because of negative consequences, poor data quality has made confidence to reach a new low. As a result, other areas outside of sales and marketing have been affected. While it is not an easy undertaking, B2B organizations must create a comprehensive, actionable plan to make improvements to data quality.

Approximately 38% of those surveyed have included ABM as part of their strategy for go-to-market, which indicates that many organizations are behind in evolving to changes in technology. 41% of surveyed companies are still not sure of their plans to include account-based marketing will be included in their go-to-market strategy.

What is promising is that most B2B organizations are beginning to recognize just where and how data will play a part moving forward in their campaigns for sales and marketing.

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