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Why Brand Guidelines are Important for Identity

Why Brand Guidelines Are Important for Identity

In marketing, advertising, and business, a brand is a design, symbol, name, phrase, term, or other feature that identifies and distinguishes a product or an organization and triggers an emotional reaction in consumers.

Branding is the process of endowing a company, products, or services with the power of a brand so it can be quickly and easily identified, with the aim of attracting and keeping customers. A logo, which is an abbreviation of the word logotype, is a graphic marking, symbol, or emblem that is used to identify a company or organization. A logo can be abstract, a symbolic design, or it may include the text of the name it represents, usually by using a wordmark.

This whitepaper documents guideline for creating a logo and a brand. Businesses and marketers who are looking to create a good logo and develop a new brand or update an existing one should download and read this white paper for help on how to do it right.

Branding is a vital part of doing business. Developing a brand means developing the way that people view your company. It helps you stand out in your industry, increases the value of your product or service from a generic item to a unique and special commodity, creates loyalty among your customer base, and builds emotional connections with customers.

A good logo is an important aspect of branding. Not only does a logo set you apart from competitors in the field, but also identifies important information about your company and the services you provide and leaves a visual impact in your customer’s mind. This whitepaper offers detailed instructions on how to create a great logo and start building a brand for your business.

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