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What Types of Videos Work Best for Video Marketing
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Did you know that according to Forrester Research, “A minute of video is work 1.8 million words?”

Did you know that according to Interactive Advertising Bureau, “Two-thirds of marketers and agency executives see the video as the next trend in content marketing?”

Did you know that according to Aberdeen Group, “Companies which use videos in their marketing grow revenue 49% faster year-on-year than those which don’t?”

Any good marketer knows that video marketing must be part of a company’s marketing strategy. It is much easier for companies to keep up with the changing digital landscape with cutting-edge forms of content such as video marketing.

Using video in your marketing strategy:

#1 Helps customers remember your brand.

#2 Gives a major boost to your website’s SEO.

#3 Hold the possibility of going viral at any time.

So, now that you know video marketing is critically important, what types of video campaigns work best? Here are a few to consider.

#1 Awareness campaigns build brand recognition and generate a correlation between your company and your products or services in the minds of buyers.

#2 Engagement campaigns connect with buyers on a personalized level, guiding them through each stage of the funnel by answering their questions and anticipating their needs.

#3 Retention campaigns require that you go above and beyond for your current customers, not only guiding them through the sales funnel but increasing customer loyalty and meeting ongoing or new customer needs.